1. Advert for 'Sheep Farming In Barnet', also promoted the 'Tribal Look/Bird In Flight' double A side single. 
2. 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' album ad. Also promotes the 'Danced' single & ATV Documentary, TOYAH. 
3. Another 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' album ad. Also promotes the 'Four From Toyah' EP
These adverts are taken from different issues of 'ZigZag' magazine from 1980. 


1/2/3. Three different adverts for Toyah's best known, and most successful album, 'Anthem'. 
These are taken from 'NME' (New Musical Express) and 'Smash Hits'. (1981)


1. Ad for 'The Changeling' album. This also promotes "Toyah On Tour" - The 1982 'Changeling' UK Tour. 
2. Another 'The Changeling' album UK press advert. 
3/4. Press adverts for the 'Warrior Rock' (Toyah On Tour) double album. 
1. Taken from 'Sounds' (1982), 2. From 'Sounds' (1982), 3. Taken from 'Flexi Pop' magazine (1982).


1. The Rebel is Running - Pre-release promotion for the forthcoming 'Love Is The Law' album. 
2. UK press ad for the 'Love Is The Law' album. 
3. UK colour advertisement for 'Love Is The Law'. 
1. from 'NME'/'Melody Maker' (1983), 2/3. From 'Smash Hits' (1983). 

Ad for the first "hits" compilation, TOYAH! TOYAH! TOYAH! on K-Tel Records. 
This ad, taken from 'Smash Hits', also promotes the simultaneous release of the cassette and 
video singles, using the tagline: "Startling new album & cassette - Spectacular video" (1984). 


1/2/3. Three different UK press advertisements for the 'Minx' album 
1. Taken from 'Smash Hits', 2. From the 'Daily Record', 3. From 'No.1' magazine (1985). 

'No1' magazine ad for the 'Desire' album (1987). 
her first album for two years - available now 
featuring the single 'echo beach' 
produced by Mike Hedges 
a new style, a new feel, a new passion... 


Singles.... Singles.... Singles.... Singles.... Singles....


1. Ad for the double 'A' side single, 'Bird In Flight'/'Tribal Look'. Also promotes the 'Bird In Flight' UK Tour. 
2. 'Danced' (Live) 7" single advert. Also promotes the forthcoming 'ATV Documentary'. 
1. Taken from 'NME' (1980), 2. From 'Sounds' (1980). 


1. 'Thunder In The Mountains' UK press ad. 
2. UK music press advert for 'Thunder In The Mountains' 7" & 12" single. 
3. 'Four More From Toyah' ad, including "first 100,000 with free flexi-disc" strip. 
1. Taken from 'Smash Hits' magazine (1981), 2/3. Taken from 'NME' (1981). 


1. 'Brave New World' press advertisement, also mentions 'The Changeling' album. 
2. 'Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard)' ad, also mentions the 'Warrior Rock' album. 
3. 'Rebel Run' advert, also mentions the 'Love Is the Law' album. 
1. Taken from 'NME' (1982), 2. From 'Smash Hits' (1982), 3. Unknown source! 


1. UK press advert for the 'Don't Fall In Love (I Said)' 7" & 12" single. 
2. UK Press ad for the 'Soul Passing Through Soul' 7" & remixed 12" single, 
3. Full page advert for the 'World In Action' 7" & 12" single. 
4. Half page advert for the 'World In Action'. 
The 'World In Action' ads say: "7" + probably the best 12" Toyah has ever recorded". 
1/2/3/4. Featured all over the place in 1985, including 'Smash Hits' and 'No. 1' magazines. 

UK music press advert for 'Echo Beach' 
Taken from 'No. 1' magazine (1987). 


Tours & Gigs.... Tours & Gigs.... Tours & Gigs.... 


1. UK music press ad for 'The Resurrection '79 Tour' - Toyah's first. 
2. Ad for Safari Records XMAS PARTY 1979 at the Music Machine. 
3. UK music press ad for the 'Ieya Tour' 1980. 
1/2/3. All appeared in UK publications; 'NME', 'Sounds' & 'Melody Maker' (1979 - '81). 


1. UK press advert for the 'Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!' album & the 1981 'College' Tour. 
2. UK music press advert for the latter part of Toyah's UK 'Bird in Flight' Tour 1980. 
3. UK music press advert for Toyah's 'Anthem' Tour 1981.
1/2/3. All appeared in UK publications; 'NME', 'Sounds' & 'Melody Maker' (1979 - '80)


1. Advertises eight of the nine dates of the UK tour. Taken from the 'Sunday Mirror' (2002). 
2. Glasgow Clyde Auditorium ad. Taken from the Scottish 'Sunday Mail' (2002). 
1/2. Two adverts for the 'Here & Now' 2002 UK Tour 


Film.... Film.... Film.... Film....


1. UK press ad for the film Jubilee 1978 - Phantasmagoric,
2. UK press ad for The Tempest 1979.


Theatre.... Theatre.... Theatre.... Theatre....

UK press advert for the play Sugar and Spice at the Royal Court Theatre, London 1980. 
Toyah appeared as the punk character Sharon. This ad taken from 'NME' (1980). 


1/2/3. Three different UK press ads for the 1983 wrestling play Trafford Tanzi. 
Toyah played the lead role in this at the Mermaid Theatre, London. 
Trafford Tanzi ads appeared in the music and national press throughout the show's run in 1983. 


1. UK national press advert for the musical Cabaret at the Strand Theatre, London 1987. 
Toyah played Sally Bowles, 2. Press ad for Live Bed Show from 1998.


1. Advert for the West End run of Calamity Jane at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London. 
2. Press ad for the week-long run at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. 
3. Advertisement for the January to June 2003 season at the Glasgow Kings Theatre. 
1. Taken from 'Metro Life' the Evening Standard magazine, 2. Taken from the Scottish 'Sunday 
 Mail', 3. Taken from the Glasgow 'Evening Times'. (All 2003)


Miscellaneous.... Miscellaneous.... Miscellaneous....


1. GET THIS poster offer ad from 'Smash Hits' magazine (May 1981), 2. Advert for an issue 
of the short-lived magazine 'New Sounds New Styles' that featured Toyah as the cover star 
 (Taken from 'Smash Hits', December 1981), 3. Press ad for another short-lived magazine, 
 'Noise' with Toyah on the cover (Taken from 'NME', May 1982). 4. 'ZigZag' ad for Toyah/The Boys (April 1980)


1. Ad for 'Blue Jeans' - Using Toyah's 'Brave New World' image - Blue Jeans Is out Of This World,
2. YWCA ad that appeared in various publications. This is from July/August 1991 issues of 'Radio Times'
3. 'Daily Mail' ad for 'Diary Of A Facelift' (2005) 


(Thanks to Andrew York, Kevin Tucker, Andi Westhorpe, Michael Cooney & Paul Lomas) 

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