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100 Hits: Best Eighties 5CD: Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)

November 22nd, 2017

100hits17aToyah’s fantastic poptastic 1985 single Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) is included on, the just released, 100 Hits – The Best Eighties Album.

The collection is available on 5CD set or MP3 download.

CD3: Kim Wilde – Kids In America, Adam & The Ants – Stand And Deliver, Aneka – Japanese Boy, King – Love & Pride, Howard Jones – New Song, Altered Images – Happy Birthday, The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian, Men Without Hats – Safety Dance, Haircut 100 – Love Plus One, Bow Wow Wow – I Want Cand, Fiction Factory – (Feels Like) Heaven, The Lotus Eaters – The First Picture of You, Spandau Ballet – Fight for Ourselves, H2O – Dream to Sleep, The Psychedelic Furs – Pretty in Pink, Toyah – Don’t Fall in Love (I Said), Big Audio Dynamite – E=MC2, Haysi Fantayzee – John Wayne Is Big Leggy, Bill Wyman – (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star, Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride.

Twelve Inch Eighties: Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) [Extended]

August 22nd, 2016

twelveincheighties16aThe extended version of Toyah’s debut solo single, released in 1985, Don’t Fall in Love (I Said), is included on the forthcoming 3CD Twelve Inch Eighties: Digging Your Scene box set.

The 30-song collection will also be available digitally via iTunes and other online music retailers.

Twelve Inch Eighties is the successful 3CD range by Crimson Productions, compiling extended alternate mixes of some of the biggest hit singles of the 80s. Each themed release is housed in a sleek 3CD digipak with abstract imagery representative of early dance label releases. These carefully selected titles across the range bring together the finest eighties pop, dance and disco, amongst other genres, in all their full 12” single glory.

Digging Your Scene is a collection of classic 12” remixes straight from the edge of the 80s. Other artists on the set include Japan, Fiction Factory, Thompson Twins, Adam Ant and Altered Images.


• In May of this year the original version of Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) was also included on “100 Hits” 5CD compilation Pure 80s. (Thanks to Michael Cooney for the Twelve Inch Eighties info)

100 Hits: Pure 80s: Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)

May 28th, 2016

100hits16aToyah’s 1985 single Don’t Fall in Love (I Said), from her debut solo album Minx, is included on the latest “100 Hits” 5CD compilation Pure 80s.

The much loved 100 Hits range is back in a brand new sleek slim digipak housing 5 discs of your favourite songs of the 80s to enjoy featuring incredible tracks from the finest pop artists such as Wham!, Cyndi Lauper, Adam Ant and many more in this timeless collection.

Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) is song 14 on CD5. The collection is also available digitally from iTunes, Amazon.

• Further info here. Win all five of the latest “100 Hits” CDs at Classic Pop.

Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) @ 30

April 26th, 2015

Incredible but true. Don’t Fall in Love (I Said), Toyah’s first bona fide solo single, entered the UK singles chart exactly 30 years ago tomorrow! Written by Toyah and Simon Darlow, and backed by, if truth be told, the far superior, Snow Covers The Kiss, it was taken from the album Minx, which would go on to be released in late July of 1985. Don’t Fall in Love (I Said) – A great pop single that brings back memories of happy times.

• Visit the DFIL page at Toyah’s official website, view an iconic appearance by Toyah on Formel Eins, listen to/watch Toyah performing the song live in 2014 at You Tube, view the single’s chart info at The Official Charts Company, browse some of Dreamscape’s previous posts relating to the song, and view photos from that era at our Gallery.


Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)

April 27th, 2012

Time Flies! On this day, 27th April 1985 (yup), 27 years ago Toyah’s 15th single, and first ‘solo’ release, ‘Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)’ entered the UK singles chart. In retrospect, it’s a great pop song, written by Toyah and Simon Darlow, with an incredible b-side, ‘Snow Covers The Kiss’ (written by Toyah, Joel Bogen & Christopher Neil). Then there’s the unforgettable video. Personally, I can’t wait to hear it live on the ‘Minx: Trash & Tease 2015’ tour ;-))

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Dreamscape You Tube: Formel Eins: Don’t Fall in Love 1985

March 28th, 2012

The aforementioned Formel Eins appearance. ‘Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)’ in all its glory!

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Formel Eins: Don’t Fall in Love 1985: Screen Caps

March 28th, 2012

Summer 1985, Toyah performed ‘Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)’ on German music show Formel Eins. This was the only time Toyah ever wore the black rubber dress during a performance. Click below for larger caps.

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Releases: Toyah Coloured Vinyl – Minx

February 5th, 2020

Toyah is releasing coloured vinyl versions of five of her solo studio albums: Minx, Prostitute, Ophelia’s Shadow, Take The Leap! and Velvet Lined Shell. They are released on Friday 13th March and can be pre-ordered at Amazon. Minx is on translucent red vinyl, and this release is the first time the album has been available on vinyl since 1985.

Issued on vinyl for the first time since 1985, the album is pressed on 180 gram translucent Red vinyl. In 1985, after five studio albums and two live albums with her band, Toyah decided to go solo, and signed to Sony’s portrait label. Produced by Christopher Neil, “Minx” Is Toyah’s first true solo album and includes writing collaborations with her band members as well as with Simon Darlow (“Slave To The Rhythm”), and two UK hit singles in “Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)” and “Soul Passing Through Soul”, as well as covers of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” And Rare Bird’s “Sympathy”.

Toyah60 Poll: My Top 10 Toyah Songs

April 1st, 2018

I’ve voted for my Top 10 singles today in The Official Toyah Website’s Toyah60 Poll. The ultimate Toyah Chart will be revealed as part of Toyah’s 60th Birthday celebrations next month. Seriously difficult to choose 10 from so many great songs but my Top 10 is: 1. Bird In Flight, 2.Ghost Light, 3. Jungles Of Jupiter, 4. Run Wild, Run Free, 5. Elusive Stranger, 6. Brave New World, 7. Symbiotic, 8. Time Is Ours. 9. Moonlight Dancing, 10. Love Me – Vote for yours by clicking below.


Bubbling Under: Waiting, For You, Snow Covers The Kiss, Computer, Falling To Earth, Tears For Elie, Dreamscape, Pop Star, Danced, Visions, Dawn Chorus, Freedom, When A Woman Cries, Don’t Fall in Love (I Said), Angel In You, Race Through Space… etc… etc.

Live Talk: Toyah Interview (2000)

October 28th, 2015

Just uploaded to Dreamscape’s You Tube channel, a retro interview with Toyah from ITV’s Live Talk. This aired on 26th September 2000 on the short-lived show, which evolved into Loose Women. Toyah was guesting to talk about her, just published, autobiography “Living Out Loud”.


• Browse previous additions by Dreamscape to You Tube: Ask Aspel (1981); Formel Eins/Don’t Fall in Love (1985); This Morning (1992); Life & Times Of Toyah Willcox (2000); Nationwide (1982); Sky Trax (1985); Parkinson (1981); Saturday Action (1982); Get Set For Summer (1982); Breakfast Time (1985); Get Set (1983); The Saturday Show (1983); This Morning (1994); V Graham Norton (2002); TISWAS (1981); It’s Your Funeral (2001); Sixty Minutes (1983); Neno (1987); Saturday Superstore (1983); Harty (1983); Breakfast Time (1987).

Smash Hits 1985: Toyah/Minx

July 2nd, 2015

smashhits85aLike Punk Never Happened: Smash Hits Archive has been continuing to upload retro issues of ‘Smash Hits’ magazine 30 years to the day they were originally published in the UK.

Various “recent” issues have included Toyah – Minx and its related singles were being released around this time back in 1985.

Smash Hits, June 19 – July 2, 1985: This issue includes a full-page advert for the single Soul Passing Through Soul. Toyah is also included in the feature – “Who Is Pop’s Mr Clever Trousers?” – Read the issue here…

Smash Hits, June 5 – 18, 1985: Toyah is included in the feature – “Oh! You’re Not As Tall As You Are On The Telly!” – Read the issue here…

Smash Hits, May 22 – June 4, 1985: This issue includes the feature – “Toyah: Personal File” – Toyah answers lots of slightly odd questions, such as “When was the last time you saw a spirit?“. This was Toyah’s second “Personal File” for ‘Smash Hits’, the other was in early 1983 –  Read the issue here…

Smash Hits, May 8 – 21, 1985: This issue includes the songwords for the single Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)Read the issue here…

Smash Hits, April 24 – May 7, 1985: This issue includes a full-page advert for the single Don’t Fall in Love (I Said)Read the issue here…

Songs From The Intergalactic Ranch House: Minx!!

August 26th, 2014

It has now been confirmed that songs from Minx will be included in the Songs From The Intergalactic Ranch House Autumn tour, the first time anything from the 1985 album has ever been performed live by Toyah (though for some reason I thought that ‘Don’t Fall In Love’ had been played live at some point at a PA, I’m obviously mistaken or mis-remembering). Click below for the full tour dates schedule and links to buy tickets.


Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

June 9th, 2014

snowkiss14aMark Satchwill: Snow Covers The Kiss: So I’m a big Toyah fan and have been for nearly 35 years. I’ve painted her several times over the last few years. Back in 1985 she released a song called “Snow Covers The Kiss”. It was relegated to a B-side of the single “Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)” but for me it was equally as good. So this image came about from imagining if “Snow” had been the single and needed a cover image – View/Continue reading… (Photo © Mark Satchwill)

• Let’s Rock Bristol: Toyah hangs out with Darth Vader in Bristol – View the photo @ Instagram…

Bristol 24-7: Thousands get the taste of a Bristol summer: Some 14,000 people turned up for Grillstock at the amphitheatre and a host of 1980s stars performed at the Let’s Rock Bristol festival at Ashton Court… Over at Ashton Court, a host of 80s pop stars took to the stage to the delight of nostalgia-seeking crowds, including Rick Astley, Tony Hadley, Toyah, Midge Ure and Sunday night headliners Level 42 – Continue reading…

JM Barrie – Peter Pan: Episode One, Away To Neverland, is available to listen to at BBC iPlayer for the next week.

Fandor: Derek Jarman: The World Is All: Spells are cast and love is spun throughout Jarman’s films: …Toyah Willcox (as Miranda) and David Meyer (as Ferdinand) beholding a brave new world in ‘The Tempest’ – Continue reading…

Rock N Roll In My Blood: 34 Years Ago Toyah Released The Blue Meaning: The Blue Meaning is the second album by Toyah, released in 1980 by Safari Records. Although not the first full-length release, this is often considered to be the band’s first “proper” album. It saw its first release on CD in 1990 on the Great Expectations label (As PIPCD 015), and was reissued in a double-CD package with Sheep Farming in Barnet in 2002. The latter release was remastered and included two bonus tracks – Continue reading…

You Tubing with Dreamscape

May 21st, 2013

Just uploaded half a dozen short clips of Toyah from various TV shows, mostly from the very early 2000s: FBI, Through The Sunroof, You Dancin? I’m Askin!, Scotland Today… and more. These include a very brief clip of Toyah in rehearsals for Picasso’s Women at the Edinburgh Festival in 2000 and Issey Miyake speaking about the outfit Toyah wore on the cover of her single ‘Don’t Fall in Love’. View these at Dreamscape’s You Tube channel.

Brighton Gay Radio: Diva Of The Day

August 8th, 2012

Toyah was “Diva Of The Day” on Brighton Gay Radio yesterday. An uninterrupted hour of amazing Toyah songs, an eclectic selection, past and present, played every three hours from 2pm.

DOTD Playlist: Good Morning Universe, I Want To Be Free, Don’t Fall In Love (I Said), 21st Century Supersister, Echo Beach, It’s A Mystery, Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), Fallen, Danced, Rebel Run, Thunder In The Mountains, Over 21, Latex Messiah (Viv La Rebel In You), Brave New World, Soul Passing Through Soul, The Vow, We Are.

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BBC News/H&W: Toyah Willcox’s Changeling Resurrection Tour

April 18th, 2012

‘BBC Hereford & Worcester’ have rejigged a recent Toyah BBC radio interview, mixed in lashings of great Toyah songs as the soundtrack, and added it to their “BBC Introducing…” page last night. Toyah talks ‘The Changeling’, the tour, the supernatural, punk and more.

Songs played: Be Proud Be Loud (Be Heard), Brave New World, Don’t Fall In Love (I Said), I Want To Be Free, Rebel Run. Running Time: 7m 38s.

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Dreamscape You Tube: Sky Trax: Toyah Special (1985)

April 10th, 2012

The full Sky Trax Toyah Special. This aired in 1985 around the time of the release of ‘Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)’. It’s a great programme, hosted by one of Toyah’s biggest supporters in the 80s, Peter Powell. This was a one-hour show with Toyah talking about her career, including Glitter, Jubilee, Katharine Hepburn, Quadrophenia, the early live gigs, 1981 and a lot more. Sky Trax was a music show, with a variety of hosts including Radio 1 DJs, covering music from all over Europe. It aired on ‘Sky Channel’, Europe’s very first satellite channel (which began as a cable channel in 1982) and was renamed ‘Sky One’ in 1989. View larger caps here.

Toyah News Briefs

April 3rd, 2012

• Andi Fraggs’ new album ‘Always First’ is now available to purchase as a limited edition CD. The 17 track album features previously unheard tracks and all of Andi’s recent singles. Click on the album cover to visit Andi’s official website for more info and a link to buy the CD. Until the first live date of Toyah’s tour the CD will come with a free promo of ‘Wow’, usually only available at the gigs.

• Toyah was mentioned in the ‘Funnel Of Love’ blog post, on Sunday 1st April, about the recent BBC2 documentary series The Tube: “The hawk is called Toyah after Toyah Willcox. ‘Aw bless’ or ‘ew groce’, depending on your view on naming birds after women. Considering Ms Willcox’ affection for strange headwear with feathers it’s probably totally appropriate”. View here.

• View a fantastic ‘flickr’ gallery of photos, by ‘Sanctuary Music’, of Toyah live at the HMV Institute, Birmingham last April on one of the first dates of the ‘From Sheep Farming To Anthem’ UK tour.

• Toyah Playlisted: ‘Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)’ is included in Dark Night of the Soul with Julie (3 April) on WFMU, and ‘Ieya’ (The Blue Meaning original) in the Ian Fairholm Special (2 April) on Phoenix FM. (Thanks to Sarah)

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Régis Huet: Make-Up As Art

March 20th, 2012

One of the pioneers of fashion make-up artists… from Biba, London in the seventies, to an international career in the 1980s and 90s, Régis Huet was one of the first make-up artists to use make-up as art and some of his creations are extraordinary, and extraordinarily beautiful.

In 1985 Régis worked with Toyah on the promotional imagery for the ‘Don’t Fall In Love (I Said)’ single and the album ‘Minx’.

The look was striking but subtle and, ironically, far removed from his more outlandish and experimental earlier work. Imagery that certainly inspired some of Toyah’s most adventurous early 80s visuals.

Régis eventually made Sydney, Australia his base where he worked on the first issue of ‘Australia Vogue’ among many magazines.

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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

October 15th, 2013


The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive: There’s now a full transcript of Toyah’s ‘ne1fm’ radio interview, which aired yesterday, at the Archive – Visit here…

Birmingham Mail: Music Memories: Midlands gigs and UK pop charts from October 15, 1983: Also hitting stores this week 30 years ago was Toyah’s new album Love Is The Law. A tour was on the cards for Toyah but for the moment the Birmingham punk singer was in France filming a TV adaptation of John Fowles’ short story The Ebony Tower, alongside Sir Laurence Olivier and Greta Scacchi – Continue reading…

Brum: Toyah briefly mentions Brum in the above ‘ne1fm’ interview so now is as good a time as any to post a link to this page dedicated to the BBC series, full of facts and trivia – Visit here…

Those We Left Behind: Post Apocalypse XXVI – Toyah and Post Apocalyptic Skater Chic in ‘Rebel Run’ and ‘Love is the Law’ (1983): Looking for all the world like she had rocked up in some Italian Post Apocalypse ‘epic’ (The New Barbarians, 2019 After the Fall of New York, Exterminators of the Year 3000 etc), this is Toyah, in 1983, promoting her single ‘Rebel Run’ and the accompanying album ‘Love is the Law’ – Continue reading…

Twitter/Instagram: Keep up to date with all things Love Is The Law & More by following Toyah at Twitter and Instagram. There’s sure to be updates from Toyah during the tour.

Titania Girl!: Personally I don’t think so but there are a few people (mainly on Twitter) of the opinion that the lovely Sheridan Smith looks sort of Toyah-esque as Titania in the new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, currently playing at the Noel Coward Theatre in London’s West End. (NB: Toyah has also played Titania, as well as Hippolyta and Hermia in various productions of the play). View the photo here…

The Women Of Doctor Who: BBC America Preview

August 10th, 2012

A preview of tomorrow night’s The Women Of Doctor Who special, airing on ‘BBC America’, is now available to view at You Tube. Guests discuss the character Donna Noble, including a brief clip of Toyah.

Click below to watch and here for larger versions of the screen caps. There’s also another, shorter, preview trailer. View that here (This doesn’t feature Toyah).

Revisit the Tenth Doctor’s beloved companion Donna Noble in this exclusive sneak peek at BBC America’s All New Special The Women Of Doctor Who. Don’t miss the World Premiere, Saturday Aug 11 at 9/8c. Who’s the greatest woman of Doctor Who? Vote here!

NB: Toyah may also have guested in last week’s The Science Of Doctor Who. I’ll let you know when I’ve watched it. If she does it probably means she will be appearing in all four specials.